I Forum of medical oncology at 3 days


Today begins the first forum gives medical oncology in Spain. With this purely academic initiative aims to bring the latest results of medical oncology oncologists, residents, hospital pharmacists, clinical studies coordinators and nurses […]

Descubierto un nuevo mecanismo capaz de promover la tumorigénesis


The director of the Master of Molecular Oncology and a researcher at Harvard University, Dr. Pier Paolo Pandolfi, leading research published in the journal Cell on how RNA generated from oncogenic chromosomal translocations are […]

New therapeutic target for aggressive endometrial cancer


Dr.. Jose Palacios, professor of molecular oncology Masters, He has led a project that demonstrates further progress on the importance of Hippo via confer more aggressive endometrial tumors. This results, published in the […]

Marker that predicts the risk of relapse in patients with lung cancer


Currently there are no targeted therapies for the treatment of non-small cell lung tumors with squamous histology based on the molecular profile of cancer, so it is key to identify specific alterations, potential therapeutic targets and markers […]

Delaying aging thanks to the body's antioxidant defenses


Dr.. Manuel Serrano, Professor of our Master of Molecular Oncology, and his team have published a new study in the journal Nature Communications about as the overall increase in antioxidant defenses could delay aging […]

Development of new models to study immunotherapy


New treatment precision Lymphomas


The director of the Master of Molecular Oncology, Dr. Miguel Angel Piris and his team, just published an article in the American Journal of Surgical Pathology where they study the importance of identifying patients with lymphoma […]

Advances in the treatment of lung cancer


El profesor del Máster de Oncología Molecular, Dr. Mariano Barbacid, leading research published in the prestigious journal Nature Medicine where researchers demonstrate how the use of a combination drug therapy with inhibitors of DDR1 and Noch1, dasatinib […]

Cancer Day is a time to support research


Today is World Cancer Day and we want to add to it with the great contributions they are making our teachers to identify improvements in treatment, diagnosis and quality of life of cancer patients. Cancer […]

Revolutionary new method of genetic edited


The CRISPR CAS9 is a new method of genomic edited quickly, cheap and easy to use. Although this method is only two years he is already revolutionizing molecular biology for its wide variety of uses that could have, from the […]