Altering Brain Barrier to attack Glioblastomas

A recent study demonstrated as glioblastoma cells can sequester the cerebral blood cells during the early stages of the progression of the disease and damage to the protective barrier of the brain. This finding could lead to design […]

Oncognénicos discovered new mechanisms in melanoma

Professor of the Master of Molecular Oncoogía, la Dra. Marisol Soengas, leading a study published in the journal Cancer Cell in which the identification described 40 genes that establish the degree of aggressiveness of melanoma and […]

Professor Mariano Barbacid honorary doctorate

Dr.. Mariano Barbacid is awarded the title of doctor honoris causa by the University of Barcelona, and thanking a career devoted to research in the area of ​​molecular oncology and important contributions to the understanding of […]

The regulation of adult stem cells contributes to the formation of lung cancer

Researchers demonstrate a link between the regulation of the growth of adult stem cells and the formation of pre-malignant lesions of the lung that trigger cancer in this region. Cells composing airway suffer great damage due […]

Identified the molecular basis of sarcoma

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic, en Rochester, U.S., described in the journal Nature Genetics molecular signature and the genetic structure of a type of sarcoma that begins in the nose of patients. This sarcoma is caused by sinosal […]

Tribute to the doctor and director of the Master of Molecular Oncology Félix Bonilla

Last Wednesday 4 June tribute took place at the director of the Master of Molecular Oncology, Dr. Felix Bonilla. It was a pleasure to attend such a memorial where the highlighted her generosity and brilliance. Dr.. Bonilla […]