Initiation Course for Molecular Oncology

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Thank you letter from a student after completing the course Introduction to Molecular Oncology.

To my esteemed teachers:

When I started the course I had no knowledge of molecular oncology, did not understand the terms utilizabais in language as seen in lessons was very common among you did not know existed because p53, I did not know what it was a signaling pathway, Que rest Anoikis, I was HER2 and ErbB, what a shrink and one proto-oncogene, the importance of proteases and kinases, RTK, ligands, MMPs, RAS, mTOR, Bcl-2, MMP8, L1CAM, Serpinas, Degradome, etc. etc., all we saw. I had no clue and I have to admit that I have greatly enriched with an extraordinary course and see that you belong to a scientific Elite in the field of cancer research, with a long history that have obtained through years of research, study and dedication, which is admirable and inspiring.

Glad I have chosen this particular course but did blindly. Nobody advised me, I found you on the internet. There were other courses but luckily my mind led me yours and I'm glad that you would permit me the opportunity to take your knowledge and I compartierais. Thank you very much. My admiration for you.

My desire is to continue, I have to go over again what we saw with more time to master, understand and do not forget, I found a lot of information 15 days for me which was totally ignorant in this field and also have little time between jobs, but that need not stop. Nothing should stop us in the pursuit of knowledge that humanity is a blessing for health and better life.
I'm already looking for the suggested bibliography in each class to start over and read it all slow down and time.

Again thank you very much it was an honor to be your student these 15 days and a big hug for all.
Thanks also to Eva Galián, our Technical Secretariat for all their attentions since been in contact with us throughout the course. Thanks Eva a hug .

Ray Comfort Left.
Student Course Introduction to Molecular Oncology.

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