digital meeting with Dr. Pier Paolo Pandolfi en RTVE

EL CEB tiene el honor de invitarle al encuentro digital del director del Máster de Oncología Molecular, Dr. Pier Polo Pandolfi, que es a su vez director del Centro de Cáncer del Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and Professor of Medicine at Harvard.
Dr.. Pandolfi belongs to the Steering Committee of the Master of Molecular Oncology taught by the CEB in collaboration with the CNIO. Dr investigations. Pandolfi were instrumental in revealing the molecular and genetic mechanisms of acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL), because with them he contributed to the successful treatment of this disease. Also, ha desarrollado varios modelos animales para “ensayos co-clínicos” tanto de linfomas, como de tumores sólidos.

The meeting will be online via the platform on Friday 1 July at 13.00 hrs (CEST o UTC 2) and will last 1 hour. During that time Dr.. Pandolfi will be answering questions live on the hearing is made from today until Friday to 14 hrs (UTC or CET + 2).

Para poder plantear tus preguntas desde hoy mismo y acceder al evento, te invitamos entres al siguiente link:

We hope your presence and participation in this unique opportunity that gives us an eminence as Dr oncology. Pier Paolo Pandolfi.