Summary of the lecture of Dr. Pandolfi

Yesterday we had the pleasure to attend the keynote that the director of the Master of Molecular Onocología and director of the Cancer Center of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard University, he gave gold brooch final closure of the XI edition of the Master in Molecular Oncology.
during their 60 minute chat, Dr. Pandolfi said the hospital mice which have at their institution and allows quickly extrapolate the results obtained in animal models to patients. He also delved into his research on acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) and the advances that have been getting in the last 15 years on their cellular origin and most appropriate treatment. However, the most promising results presented by Dr. Pandolfi were in their new study goal, prostate cancer. In this disease they have already generated in his laboratory over 30 different lines to delve into better rankings, most suitable and especially in the origin and treatment of resistance mechanisms. The study of the importance of PTEN mutations, POKEMON P53 and in this cell type are key to determining which tumors are dependent recruitment of granulocytes and so could benefit from therapeutic strategies based on stimulating the immune system.
Thanks to the approach used at the laboratory of Dr.. Pandolfi for the study of tumors from patients recreated in mice and subjected to a similar control to human patients in hospital in mice is obtaining important results in knowledge of tumor biology and more importantly in survival and quality of life the patients.