Courses for people working with laboratory animals

All our courses have been RECOGNIZED BY THE COMMUNITY OF MADRID for all the groups of animal species. This recognition is valid throughout all the national territory.

In line with the principles of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement: “If there is a viable alternative means that can partially or totally replace the use of animals, researchers should use this method”, the courses are given on-line with alternative audio-visual means, through our e-learning platform.

This methodology allows you to register at any time and distribute your study time as you see fit, since the contents are permanently accessible during the period of the course.

We offer courses for animal care (Function A), animal euthanasia (Function B), execution of procedures (Function C), design of projects and procedures (Function D) and on-site supervision of animal welfare and care (Function E). We also offer combination of two or more Functions and transition courses between Functions.

To enrol, please fill this registration form. To receive detailed information, please contact us via phone (619769634) or email (