Identificada una nueva vía de resistencia a tratamientos quimioterápicos en cáncer.

Professor of Molecular Oncology Master and renowned researcher focused on the field of cancer epigenetics, Dr. Manel Esteller, He has published an article in the journal PNAS describing as a non-coding RNA, TP53TG1, might […]

World Day for Cancer Research

Today, 24 September, It is the World Day for Cancer Research. Through this new initiative launched this year by the Spanish Association Against Cancer and to which acceded more 100 researchers […]

Identifying new markers associated with immunotherapy

In cancer immunotherapy is an innovative treatment that allows to use the immune system of patients themselves to fight disease. Various clinical trials with monoclonal antibodies PDL1 PD1 and have proven highly effective in […]

Knowing the molecular basis of cancer opens the door to hope

“;Dr.. Pier Paolo Pandolfi, BIMDCC Director and Professor of Medicine and Pathology at Harvard, opens doors to hope in research and treatment of cancer. Dr.. Pier Paolo Pandolfi has been in Madrid at the conference […]

Summary of the lecture of Dr. Pandolfi

Yesterday we had the pleasure to attend the keynote that the director of the Master of Molecular Onocología and director of the Cancer Center of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard University, he gave final gold brooch […]

digital meeting with Dr. Pier Paolo Pandolfi en RTVE

EL CEB tiene el honor de invitarle al encuentro digital del director del Máster de Oncología Molecular, Dr. Pier Polo Pandolfi, que es a su vez director del Centro de Cáncer del Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and […]

Dr Magistral Conference. Pier Paolo Pandolfi

From the CEB, we are pleased to announce the lecture of Dr. Pier Paolo Pandolfi, Director of the Cancer Center of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center at Harvard, within the framework of the closing of the XI Edition […]

New treatment capable of reversing resistance to angiogenesis

Master Professor of Molecular Oncology, Dr. Miguel Quintela, and his team have published an interesting study in Cell Report about a new mechanism to slow the progression of breast cancer through […]

Resultados de investigaciones españolas trasladados a la clínica

Recently they published the first results in patients with drug Abemaciclib, a selective inhibitor of Cdk4 and Cdk6 high antitumor activity in patients cancers. The importance of Cdk4 cancer was described by […]

intensive week of practices in the CNIO

During this week we have been visited by seven students of the Master of Molecular Oncology. Thanks to our e-learning platform, these students from different Latin American countries have been enjoying our online masters and make the same practices […]