La revista Nature Reports acaba de publicar que el grupo liderado por el oncólogo Lu You en Sichuan University, China, ha conseguido por primera vez usar esta técnica en un paciente con una forma muy agresiva de cáncer de pulmón: […]

New personalized treatment strategies in breast cancer

Recently, Distinguished Professor of the Master of Molecular Oncology, Dr. Joaquín Arribas, has succeeded in designing a new therapy for the treatment of breast cancer. Approximately 20% tumors of breast cancer have overexpressed […]

New molecular diagnostic test for prostate cancer.

From the early nineties, death from prostate cancer was reduced by 50%, thanks to new ways to treat cancer and hormone therapy, radical surgery or radiotherapy, and the use of tools […]

Initiation Course for Molecular Oncology

Thank you letter from a student after completing the course Introduction to Molecular Oncology. To my esteemed teachers: When I started the course I had no knowledge of molecular oncology, did not understand the terms utilizabais a […]

Promising Clinical Trial in Breast Cancer

Doctor of master Michelangelo Quintela has published in the prestigious British Journal of Cancer a promising clinical trial in which a complete remission of patients with early breast cancer is observed type HER-2-negative, the […]

The epigenetic analysis of the therapeutic to prevent resistances glioblastomas.

Researchers at the University of California have been identified as epigenetic regulation is critical to creating new treatments to combat therapeutic resistance in glioblastomas. So, the team of scientists led by Dr. Chen described in […]

Bacteria as a new therapeutic strategy

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center have managed to attack cancer, reduce the size of tumors and increased survival by direct injection into the tumor of a modified version of the bacteria C.Novyi. C.Novyi es […]

Dies brilliant student of the Master, Dr. Juan Dionicio Cisneros

Last 25 July 2014 died the distinguished student of the Master of Molecular Oncology Dr. Juan Dionicio Cisneros as a result of a brain hemorrhage unexpected. The famous doctor and cancer surgeon in the city of Puebla was […]

Cholesterol promotes Cancer

High Cholesterol, especially LDL, have a very detrimental effect on the body and promote the development of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and aterosclesosis. But a new study by researchers at the University of Illinois described as the […]

Mechanism of Action of Cannabinoids on Tumor Treatment

A group of international researchers demonstrated as the major psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol- can reduce tumor growth in patients with cancer. Previous studies by Dr.. Cristina Sánchez García of the Complutense University of Madrid described as […]