Advances in the treatment of lung cancer

El profesor del Máster de Oncología Molecular, The doctor. Mariano Barbacid, leading research published in the prestigious journal Nature Medicine where researchers demonstrate how the use of a combination drug therapy with inhibitors of DDR1 and Noch1, dasatinib and demcizumab, They have a beneficial effect in the treatment of lung adenocarcinomas with Kras oncogene mutation.
The publication explains how this therapy is able to reduce tumor size, prevent cancer progression and significantly increase the survival of mice used in the study.
These results are particularly encouraging for patients with lung cancer because both drugs are approved for use in other tumor types, facilitating their inclusion in clinical trials, they plan to start soon. It will also be interesting to see the therapeutic effect of these inhibitors in other tumors highly dependent on the Kras oncogene, such as pancreatic cancer,es.