This year begins with great news: a new drug discovered by one of the teachers MOM, the Dr. Joan Seoane, está a punto de empezar los ensayos clínicos contra distintos tipos de cáncer en los mejores centros europeos y de Estados Unidos. Now, Dr. Seoane is the director of Translational Program and co-founder VHIO Mosaic Biomedicals.

El MSC-1, its star drug in preclinical studies, It is an antibody against LIF (Leukaemia Inhibitory Factor), a factor overexpressed by TGF-beta in many tumor types, thus slowing cancer progression by regulating the tumor microenvironment and tumor-initiating cells.

Dr.. Seoane commented to the media that the recent merger between Mosaic and Biomedicals Northen Biologics, a Canadian company, has become a reality that clinical trials of MSC-1 start along this year 2017, since the merger has brought not only part of the necessary funding, if not the know-how, talent and international leadership needed, as well as the possible development of a new portfolio of therapeutic antibodies more effective as quickly as possible.