Researchers Wilmot Cancer Institute, in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute and the NRG Oncology,,es,They are spending many hours in developing a large number of clinical trials to be able to move forward in the investigation of new targeted therapies applied to gynecological cancer and thus be able to improve the survival of their patients,,es,which show the possibility of delaying ovarian cancer in women expressing BRCA gene mutations,,es,as well as in other genetic profiles,,es,Richard Moore,,en,head of the Wilmot Gynecologic Oncology service,,es, están invirtiendo muchas horas en desarrollar un gran número de ensayos clínicos para poder avanzar en la investigación de nuevas terapias dirigidas aplicadas al cáncer ginecológico y de esta manera poder mejorar la supervivencia de sus pacientes.

For that, They are focusing their research on finding targeted therapies against cervical cancer, endometrium and ovaries among others. Among the fruits of these clinical trials, we can find PARP inhibitors (block responsible for one of the enzymes used by tumor cells to repair damaged DNA), los cuales muestran la posibilidad de retrasar el cáncer de ovarios en mujeres que expresan mutaciones en los genes BRCA, así como en otros perfiles genéticos. The study should also highlight directed by Dr.. Richard Moore, jefe del servicio de Oncología Ginecológica de Wilmot, the only clinical trial in the United States in which new potential molecular biomarkers are sought in the blood of women who have a pelvic mass with the aim of using them to develop a test that indicates the probability that this mass in the pelvis becomes malignant,es.