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Courses recognized by the Madrid, valid throughout the national territory, for todos los grupos de especies animales incluidos en el Anexo II.

OPEN ENROLLMENT: CLICK HERE,,es,Requirements,,es,Have a university degree in Biology,,es,Veterinary or any other discipline that incorporates in its program studies on animal biology and physiology,,es,OR ALTERNATIVELY any other university degree,,es,but in this case an additional module on fundamentals of animal biology and physiology must be taken,,es

Course for people interested in animal care,,es,FUNCTION TO COURSE,,es (it works,,es,and euthanasia of animals,,es,function B,,es,COURSE FEATURES A B,,es) y eutanasia de los animales (función B).
Duration: 30 hours (to make a maximum period of,es 4 weeks)

* Theoretical and practical program

  1. Legislación nacional.
  2. Ethics, animal welfare and the "three Rs", nivel 1.
  3. And suitable basic biology, nivel 1.
  4. Care, health and animal management, nivel 1.
  5. Recognition of pain, suffering and distress.
  6. Bloodless slaughter methods, nivel 1.
  7. And suitable basic biology, nivel 2.
  8. Bloodless slaughter methods, nivel 2.

* The course includes exercises in English optional display not evaluable

Enrollment in this Course gives the option of performing the period of work under supervision in the,es Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria de la Fundación Jiménez Díaz. Para consultar condiciones y precios póngase en contacto con nosotros.