Oncology training aimed at the pharmaceutical industry.



With the increasing demand for training in molecular aspects underlying oncological diseases, Biosanitary Studies Center coordinates and manages training programs in the areas of the pharmaceutical industry with oncology products in development or on the market in order to give their product sales managers and the necessary basic training. To fulfill this objective, we adapt to the needs of each industry and the profile of students in a Master's program in Molecular Oncology and medical and graduate course for biomedical area to develop their professional work in the field of Oncology.


To ensure confidentiality and ensure that the program meets the specific needs and aspirations of the institution may contact info@ceb.edu.es. A team advised by the best world experts in the field will develop a project for the training of their employees vanguard

–; Providing specialized training in Molecular Oncology through a unique program of excellence.
–; Instruct on the molecular basis of cancer applied to products that the industry has in the oncology market.
–; Provide training and personal attention through small group activities that allow very exclusive.
–; Deepen the Molecular Oncology applications in personalized medicine, screening of patients and competitors