Tribute to the doctor and director of the Master of Molecular Oncology Félix Bonilla

Last Wednesday 4 June tribute took place at the director of the Master of Molecular Oncology, Dr. Felix Bonilla. It was a pleasure to attend such a memorial where the highlighted her generosity and brilliance.
Dr.. Bonilla has been highlighted as one of the only Spanish oncologists who combine clinical and basic research assistance. During his long career Dr.. Bonilla has worked in various institutions, becoming the head of oncology at Puerta de Hierro in Madrid hospital.
Drs. Alberto Muñoz-Terol and Mariano Barbacid highlighted his research in breast and colon, that have been published in top international scientific journals, trayéndose diagnostic techniques from United States to identify early cancer in the blood of patients.
Especially interesting studies on the importance of exosomes in cancer. Exosomes are cells derived vesicles, which are released by the same and allow a transmission of material between the cells. They may contain proteins or genetic material, including miRNA, depending on the cell in which they originate. Dr.. Bonilla directed research conducted with patients, where they are detected as changes in miRNA expression levels are associated with pluripotency and the ability of metastatic tumor cells from patients with breast cancer. These changes in expression levels differentiate between patients with good and poor prognosis, suggesting a potential use as markers of disease progression.
Recently, Dr. Bonilla has published a new study on the identification of a miRNA derived from tumor cells, ΔNp73, which is transmitted from cell to cell via exosomes and confers to the host cell growth increased capacity and resistance to chemotherapy.
It is an honor to have the CEB with Dr. Felix Bonilla as professor and director of the master.