I Forum of medical oncology at 3 days

Today begins the first forum gives medical oncology in Spain. With this purely academic initiative aims to bring the latest results of medical oncology oncologists, residents, hospital pharmacists, clinical studies coordinators and nurses dedicated to day hospital or oncological consultation, with a three-day training.

With the phrase "We have to stop being clinical oncologists and become molecular oncologists: the future, "stated by Dr.. Enrique Grande started this forum that seeks to address all aspects of the current oncology and latest treatments available. During the three days different themes will be addressed, from epidemiology of the disease, new approaches to classification and treatment of various cancers, addressing especially those with a high incidence (colon, lung, breast and prostate)
For more information on the forum Medical Oncology 3 days: http://www.laoncologiaen3dias.com/web/invitation.php