Bacteria as a new therapeutic strategy

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center have managed to attack cancer, reduce the size of tumors and increased survival by direct injection into the tumor of a modified version of the bacteria C.Novyi.
C.Novyi is a bacterium that lives in low-oxygen. This unique software features of the bacteria makes it an ideal candidate to develop new antitumor strategies, and that the cells comprising the tumor is characterized by living in a room anaeóbico.
Attracted by this observation, Baltimore researchers have studied as C.Novyi can act specifically against tumor cells without oxygen and not in normal cells germinate. The modification of the genome of the same protein also allowed to incorporate therapeutic agents that contribute to anti-tumor treatment.
So, researchers injected directly into tumors 16 dogs spores C.Novyi modified bacteria. 21 days, and only at a dose, 6 dogs showed high antitumor response, which 3 animals had a complete response to tratramiento. These observations reforzaon idea C.Novyi use as a novel therapeutic strategy in cancer.
Additional studies, in rats with glibolastomas, demonstrated how the modified bacteria acts specifically against tumor cells, without affecting adjacent neuronal cells, resulting in a significant increase in overall survival of animals.
This strategy is very promising proposal, and by their low toxicity espefificidad, but also because it can promote an immune response against the tumor, thus allowing cancer act through two independent processes.