Master in Molecular Oncology

Addressed to

Clinical Oncologists, Pathologists, hematologists and other medical specialists associated with tumor disease, and graduates of the area involved in biomedical research, diagnosis and / or monitoring of that pathology.

This is a unique and pioneering initiative in Spain and Europe, which aims to extend to those Latin American countries who wish. The MA is taught from the National Cancer Research Center in Spain, CNIO ( and has the recognition of the European School of Oncology, ESO ( It is backed by the best professionals in their faculty. This program aims to provide cutting edge training that requires specialist oncology in the XXI century. Cancer is a disease that has a genetic and molecular bases very well studied and described by research which for years have been doing the best laboratories in the world.

Today is not conceived clinical practice of excellence without the knowledge of the molecular basis of disease. Diagnosis, prognosis and treatment are increasingly based on molecular markers of each patient.

The XXI Century Oncology is sustained and developed in the progress of basic research in this field that only a joint effort of translational research can lead to the patient's bedside.

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