Master Directors Molecular Oncology


Pull. Monica Lopez Barahona

PhD in chemistry from the UCM CC. Research carried out in national and international institutions involved in addressing various lines Molecular Oncology (mechanisms of action of growth factors phospholipid metabolism activators, biology of genes erbA, vav and ras family (TC21) and their involvement in oncogenic processes, mechanisms of apoptosis en prostatic carcinoma cells, mechanism of action of drugs with potential antitumor activity, etc). Trainer in national and international institutions. He is currently Director General of the Center for Academic Biosanitary.


Dr. Alberto Muñoz Terol

Doctor of Science from the Autonomous University of Madrid. Has developed lines of research in national and international centers on the mechanism of action of human interferon, the biology of genes erbA and thyroid hormone in cancer and central nervous system, and antagonism between nuclear receptors and AP-1 factor. His current work focuses on the action of vitamin D on colon cancer and breast, and mechanisms of action of new marine-derived antitumor agents. Author of more than 100 publications in international journals and a member of numerous scientific committees, Dr. Muñoz is Research Professor C.S.I.C. at the Biomedical Research Institute Alberto Sols Madrid.


Dr. Miguel Angel Piris Pinilla

Doctor of Medicine and specialist in Pathology. Head of Pathology Department of the Hospital Marques de Valdecilla IFIMAV. The main lines of research conducted by Dr. Piris have been diagnosed in lymphoproliferative diseases, together with the analysis of cell cycle regulatory mechanisms of apoptosis in lymphoid neoplasms and. Author of more than 200 international publications; Editorial Board member of numerous prestigious journals; Past President of the European Association for Haematophatology. Member of the German Academy of Sciences (Leopoldina). President of the Spanish Society of Pathology.


Dr. Felix Bonilla Velasco

Medical and PhD from the Faculty of Medicine, U. Autónoma de Madrid, is a specialist in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology. Starting 1996 incorporated in the Medical Oncology Unit Molecular Biology, developing a line of applied research in Oncology, focused on the prognostic and predictive molecular genetic alterations in tumors frequently.


Dr. Fernando Pérez Peláez

Fernando Peláez received a BA in Biology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 1984 and completed his doctoral studies at the Center for Molecular Biology (Autonomous University of Madrid). In 1989 joined the Center for Basic Research in Spain (CIBE). Appointed Director of CIBE in 1999. He joined the CNIO as Director of Biotechnology Program in December 2008. Fernando Peláez s author co-author of 130 original articles, reviews and book chapters, and co-inventor of more than 40 patents natural bioactive molecules.


Dr. Pier Paolo Pandolfi

Médico y Doctor por la Universidad de Perugia, Italy, completó su formación en el National Institute for Medical Research en la Universidad de Londres. Se unió al Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) in 2007, habiendo sido ya líder de los Laboratorios de Biología Molecular y ostentando el Albert C. Foster Endowed Chair for Cancer Research. Actualmente es Director del Centro del Cáncer y del Centro de Investigación del Cáncer en BIDMC. Adicionalmente es Profesor de medicina George C. Reisman en Harvard Medical School, donde también es profesor de patología. Sus investigaciones se han centrado en los mecanismos moleculares y genéticos de la patogénesis de la leucemia APL.