Master of Molecular Oncology Modules

Module I: Molecular Basis
This module allows to acquire the basic knowledge of cell biology, gene regulatory mechanisms, and changes caused by neoplastic transformation.
We review the molecular, genes that control cell proliferation as well as the main biological activity proto-oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes and the consequences of alteration. It also examines the importance of the repair of genetic damage and mutator route in carcinogenesis. Discusses the importance and bases of the processes of apoptosis, cellular senescence and immortalization, angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis and tumor immunology.
Module II: Molecular Pathology
This module reviews the modern techniques of molecular pathology in order to understand their potential and clinical utility. They acquire basic knowledge and skills in some
and the design, management and prospects "biochips" gene in pharmacogenomics, diagnosis and treatment. We discuss the design and management of modern banks tumors and new prospects for the molecular epidemiology.
Module III: Molecular Oncology
This module is intended to knowledge of new cancer therapies, allowing the updated review of the possibilities of application of the drug bioinformatics, the current state of the search
drug directed against molecular targets, proteases and processes as angiogenesis. We review the various forms of immune therapy and gene therapy, discussing the results of clinical trials, problems and prospects.
Module IV: Research Report

In this module, students complete a research report developed in hospitals and / or laboratories or a literature review on a topic of interest, to be defended before a tribunal of the directors of the Master.