Our Academic Director

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Pull. Monica Lopez Barahona

Curriculum Review

PhD in Chemical CC (specialty of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) and Master of Philosophy.
He has developed over 20 years of research in Molecular Oncology:

• Max Planck Institute for Chemistry Strahlein. Mülheim A.D. Dysentery (Germany)
• General Hospital Gregorio Marañón, Madrid (Spain)
• Antibioticos Farma, Madrid (Spain)
• Institute for Biomedical Research (CSIC), Madrid (Spain)
• IMP, Vienna (Austria)
• MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston, Texas (U.S.)
• Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Princeton (New Jersey) (U.S.)

The research findings are published in the best scientific journals and have more of course 300 Communications in National and International conferences, multiple presidencies organizing committee of National and International conferences and plenary lectures in many national and international conferences. As recognition with different prizes which include:

–; Award of the Spanish Association Against Cancer, 1988.

–; Human Frontiers Science Premio, Program, 1994.

–; Pfizer Award 2000.

–; FEDEPE Excellence Award (2004)

CC was dean of Biosciences at the University Francisco de Vitoria from 1996 up 2006.

Scientific and Technical Director General of the Bank of stem cells from umbilical cord blood VidaCord one year where he joined his current position as Director General of the Center for Academic Biosanitary.