The epigenetic analysis of the therapeutic to prevent resistances glioblastomas.

Researchers at the University of California have been identified as epigenetic regulation is critical to creating new treatments to combat therapeutic resistance in glioblastomas. So, the team of scientists led by Dr. Chen describes in his article published in the journal Oncotarget as epigenetics plays a fundamental role in tumor development by analyzing glioblastomas 900 samples from patients with different tumor stage. The comparative analysis of the genetic signatures of samples allowed to establish patterns of gene expression, analyzing protein level different expression patterns. This technique allowed a classification according to glioblastomas activated signaling pathways in the tumor for treatment.
Thanks to this method watched a high percentage of glioblastomas possessing EGFR inhibition in epigenetic alterations due to the regulatory region of gene expression rather than specific mutations. These results suggest as defined epigenetic signature key tumors and combining the importance demethylating drugs in the treatment of glioblastomas as a promising therapeutic strategy in cases of resistance to conventional treatments.