Cholesterol promotes Cancer

High Cholesterol, especially LDL, have a very detrimental effect on the body and promote the development of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and aterosclesosis. But a new study by researchers at the University of Illinois described as cholesterol promotes cancer development through the activation of its signaling pathways.
The team of Dr. Cho was investigating new cholesterol-binding proteins when they discovered the Dishevelled protein as, has a binding site cholesterol. This protein has a unique role as it is highly involved in signaling via canonical and non-canonical Wnt. Where, canonical Wnt pathway has been associated with increased cell growth and division, has an important role during embryonic development and cancer.
In the article published in the journal Nature Communications described as acts leading Dishevelled activation of Wnt pathways depending on their level of activation. It being the first time described as a specific element is able to govern the decision to send the signal to a via or other. About, when cholesterol binds Dishevelled and the way of trasducciond signals are activated through the canonical Wnt, promoting cell growth and division.
Therefore, It has been observed as cholesterol accumulates in the cell membrane and this combination promotes via activation of Wnt, establishing a direct relationship between cholesterol and cancer.
This research not only ratifixa comments on the importance of cholesterol in the tumor process, but describes the mechanism by which cholesterol promotes the activation of signaling pathways involved in tumor development.